Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Streets Lights Staring at the Old House"

I wish I had those old cassette tapes that I would pop in and press record and tune in to 94.5 KSMB. It would sit me back in a yellow-green floral sofa, bundled near a retro gas heater while listening to all the creatures from dusk to dawn sing their song, which seemed like there was no wall between us. Every time I pass near the old house is seems gone. I don't hold a grudge against it like Jenny does in Forest Gump, but it's just a weird frustration. Someone now has bought it and has made plans for renovation, which is O.K. because it was a beautiful home, and I want it to be beautiful for everyone new that steps in it.

I just recently posted songs on this blog site. Of the four, only one of them have true value and sentimental meaning to me. For a year or so I had a really folk-like guitar lick that I played constantly. I first played it when I learned how to drop my guitar to an open D tuning that I learned from Dashboard Confessional guitar tabs. But the guitar part to me was very catchy and I always wanted to add lyrics to it but sometimes just wouldn't fit. But finally I added lyrics and decided that I just want to stick with it and not be so picky.

The songs called "Growing Wild". It plays out the episode that took place on my last night in the house that I was raised in. The house has family history that dates back to 1900 by the Trahan's from my moms side. It was a old house, beat down, and passed down to my parents. My mom always had dreams of one day building her own house and having the kitchen she's always wanted. Finally they deserved it during the beginning of my second year of college.

The old house:

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The weekend we moved out I was out of town in Austin for the ACL music festival. So the plan was when I drove back in that early Monday morning I was to go to the new house because everything had been moved out. Well due to long late night driving I sort of forgot the fact that we had moved out that weekend. Like in the movies. I pulled up to a home run down, old, beaten, and hopeless. The curtains were gone. No car in the drive way. No ones there. It was like being away from home for 30 years and coming back expecting to see everything the same way it was left but it wasn't. The orange street lights were staring down on it and to me it was the only thing that was lit up on the whole street. I decided to walk inside say my good bye and had a flashback moment of my whole life.

To me it was that first step of growing old. Life moving on. I remember thinking was so sad by the fact my childhood is now gone. Then the 5 oclock church bells rang which started the day. The bells brought a bit of life back to me. Optimism and excitement in my bones. So I told my last goodbyes hopped in the car and drove my new home, my new home where my new life would start. and it was so exciting because look where I am now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl is a song about the inspiration brought out by travel and setting out. It's easy to look out the window while riding in a car and analyze everything around you. I remember one time riding through the farm hills right outside Austin with the windows down and I could of sworn that I had my life plans figured out. My heart was popping with such a positive feeling.
But I use a lot of imagery which I think is important when traveling. I use imagery as signs to life and keys to the questions that I've been having forever.

I just finished the book The Motorcycle Diaries. It's a travel log of the young 23 old Che' Guevara. He set out on an expedition across South America on a motorcycle in search of himself and what made him the man he was years later. The man that I refer to in the song is the actual spirit that not only lived in Che' but the spirit in everyone while traveling. So I sort of bring along the spirit with me through out the song.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Reason

This morning I woke up and walked outside to a cool crisp early autumn like day. It was lovely and for the first time all summer I finally felt a sense of life slowing down. This summer was really hot and I was tied up with lots up things not really being able to catch time for myself. So there I sat in the cool shade on my swing and thought about how I want these next few months to go by and how can I change them to better myself.
Recently I was asked, "What's in the near future for your music?" It didn't take me a while to answer because the near future was something that I couldn't wait to get to. I needed a new chapter. My answer came from the feeling of me not being focused the way I want to be. I told them yeah I wanted more live shows, and yeah hopefully I want a record to put out for everyone. But most importantly I want to wrap myself into songwriting. I want to not give a fuck about what ever, move along, and be me. Define who I am, what I am, and where I am.
So, why blogging? 
-This is my opportunity to reach out to everyone. I want everyone to see my story. This is the beginning and I think it will be a fun one to follow. 

What will we get out of this?
-New songs
-New ideas
-Practice Sessions
-Me Cooking
-And everything that comes along the road of becoming who I am to be in the next few years.

I want to give this to you. Whether you follow it or not. Thank you all for your time. See you in a few days.

-Sean Bruce

An Intro to Sean Bruce

So, here's the brief:
Born to Geary and Pam Broussard in Carencro, LA on August 20, 1988. Youngest of five children. Grew up on Church St. where I learned to play mainly sports and music. I started out playing drums at the age of 10 in middle school.I was never enrolled into any sports up until around the age of 12, where I played baseball for C.A.Y.S.I. . When high school came around, I quit baseball and picked up soccer. Being that high school required more devotion to one thing, I decided that I would put down my study into music in school and just play soccer. It worked out well I'd say because I ending winning many awards that I don't want to talk about and my team ending up winning a state championship my senior year. 
There I was working on my fourth semester in college studying music when I stood up in my music theory class and walked straight out and decided that I want to resign and pursue music and life on the road. A year and a half later here I am:

                                                                                                         Sean Bruce