Monday, September 14, 2009

Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl is a song about the inspiration brought out by travel and setting out. It's easy to look out the window while riding in a car and analyze everything around you. I remember one time riding through the farm hills right outside Austin with the windows down and I could of sworn that I had my life plans figured out. My heart was popping with such a positive feeling.
But I use a lot of imagery which I think is important when traveling. I use imagery as signs to life and keys to the questions that I've been having forever.

I just finished the book The Motorcycle Diaries. It's a travel log of the young 23 old Che' Guevara. He set out on an expedition across South America on a motorcycle in search of himself and what made him the man he was years later. The man that I refer to in the song is the actual spirit that not only lived in Che' but the spirit in everyone while traveling. So I sort of bring along the spirit with me through out the song.


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