Monday, August 24, 2009

An Intro to Sean Bruce

So, here's the brief:
Born to Geary and Pam Broussard in Carencro, LA on August 20, 1988. Youngest of five children. Grew up on Church St. where I learned to play mainly sports and music. I started out playing drums at the age of 10 in middle school.I was never enrolled into any sports up until around the age of 12, where I played baseball for C.A.Y.S.I. . When high school came around, I quit baseball and picked up soccer. Being that high school required more devotion to one thing, I decided that I would put down my study into music in school and just play soccer. It worked out well I'd say because I ending winning many awards that I don't want to talk about and my team ending up winning a state championship my senior year. 
There I was working on my fourth semester in college studying music when I stood up in my music theory class and walked straight out and decided that I want to resign and pursue music and life on the road. A year and a half later here I am:

                                                                                                         Sean Bruce 


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