Monday, August 24, 2009

The Reason

This morning I woke up and walked outside to a cool crisp early autumn like day. It was lovely and for the first time all summer I finally felt a sense of life slowing down. This summer was really hot and I was tied up with lots up things not really being able to catch time for myself. So there I sat in the cool shade on my swing and thought about how I want these next few months to go by and how can I change them to better myself.
Recently I was asked, "What's in the near future for your music?" It didn't take me a while to answer because the near future was something that I couldn't wait to get to. I needed a new chapter. My answer came from the feeling of me not being focused the way I want to be. I told them yeah I wanted more live shows, and yeah hopefully I want a record to put out for everyone. But most importantly I want to wrap myself into songwriting. I want to not give a fuck about what ever, move along, and be me. Define who I am, what I am, and where I am.
So, why blogging? 
-This is my opportunity to reach out to everyone. I want everyone to see my story. This is the beginning and I think it will be a fun one to follow. 

What will we get out of this?
-New songs
-New ideas
-Practice Sessions
-Me Cooking
-And everything that comes along the road of becoming who I am to be in the next few years.

I want to give this to you. Whether you follow it or not. Thank you all for your time. See you in a few days.

-Sean Bruce

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